Top CA Final Books!

Hey guys, team trendy library is back again. Today’s blog is all about CA Final books! Actually we thought of uploading it because May 17 attempt is approaching fast. Illustrating you the list of all time prominent books!

  • Starting with Financial Reporting, its a quite tricky subject. We suggest one must go for B.D Chatterjee’s book!  It contains fully solved theoretical and practical questions of Past 10 years CA Final Exams *250 fully solved pratical Problems *All Solutions in revised Schedule VI Format. 

The book contains all the illustrations which would be very beneficial for practical application and knowledge. Here is the preview of te book!

Buy from Amazon! Click on the link.
  • Talking about Strategic Financial Management students often find it quite difficult! The book which our panel had researched is ”Paduka Series, Full Syllabus with all Theory and MCQs. With around 3600 objective Q&A”

The book is a complete package and beneficial for students!

We actually conducted a review of the book, here is the review of Chartered Accountant Guru Madevu!

No doubt Paduka books are very comprehensive, they have covered questions from Institute study material, RTP and previous years exams papers.

Also G Shekar and Saravana Prashath has written these books in a simple way & easy to understand & practice. For practical questions they have given easy & excellent format.

I suggest you to go for Padhuka books.Here is the preview of the book!

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  • People are mostly confused with “Law”. Students often face dilemma either they should self practice law or go for some author’s book. What we suggest is one must prefer Munish Bhandari’s Law book! We again asked some renowned Chartered Accountant’s. Here is the review of the book directly from them!

Book review by panel!

The term “will that be sufficient” is very subjective.

Anyway, let me answer your question.

Munish Bhandari’s Corporate & Allied Laws – The Handbook
Prefer this book when the exams are around the corner. This is very helpful for a last minute rapid revision.

Munish Bhandari’s Corporate & Allied Laws – The Textbook
Prefer this book when You have ample time for learning & understanding the subject thoroughly. My personal suggestion is go for the Textbook.

All the Best.

Here is the preview of the book!


Buy from Amazon. Click here!
  • Now comes the most annoying subject which CA students consider a nightmare. Yes we are talking about Audit. People often face difficulty in writing the answers in audit exam. Our Panel discussed the issue with many experts. Here is the suggestion!

Taxman’s Advanced auditing and professional ethics by CA Pankaj Garg is really good book for CA final as well as IPCC.

Language in CA Surbhi Bansal’s book is simple but you won’t be able to write good answers. Language is not really good basically you will end up writing something else which is not that precise. So it is complete no.

Well in case of Pankaj Sir’s book language is little difficult as compared to Surbhi Bansal’s book but you will be able to remember most of the content you read and also you will be able to write good answers.

Plus point of this book is language is similar to practice module and RTP basically ICAI’s preferred language.

Also important and tricky past examination questions are mentioned with solutions.

So overall it’s a book which guarantees marks.

Well in case of CA Kamal Garg’s book, it is a good book and will even provide you extra knowledge. The only issue with this book is that it’s quite bulky so not preferable when you have to revise quickly or last time exam preparation.

In case if you have time you should surely go for CA Kamal Garg’s book it’s completely knowledge oriented book though. And in case of CA Pankaj Garg’s book it’s more exam oriented book. Here is the preview of the book.

Buy from Amazon. Click here
  • Our next subject is Costing. I personally feel that it is the most amazing and conceptual subject. The mantra for success in costing at CA Final Level is that all the logics at IPCC level must be cleared. For practical purposes one can go for modules,practice manuals and RTP. But for theory one can consider “Simplified approach to costing theory” by  K. Hariharan.

Here is the preview of the book!

  • A1CkI+uPZfL.jpg

Buy from Amazon. Click here!


  • Talking about ISCA. It is a ambiguous subject. Our panel suggest Dinesh Madan’s ISCA book! Here is the preview of his book! Our team conducted a survey at ICAI Indore we found that most of the people are going for Dinesh Madan’s book!  The book is a one stop shop that is it contains everything! A COMPLETE PACKAGE!!
Buy from Amazon. Click here!
  •  Direct tax is a subject which contains lot of amendments. One must be very attentive while studying the subject. Our panel conducted a seminar in which many professionals of DT particpated. While conducting the seminar a question was raised regarding which book must be preferred while studying. Based on our observation we would surely suggest Vinod Gupta’s DT Book!

Here are our observations!

A set of 7 modules as amended by Finance Act (including Summary Module) especially designed to cater the needs of C.A. (Final) Students Updated Law Contains practical illustrations and the questions and answers set in C.A. Final
exam for last 20 years. Amendments explained through illustrations and rationale. Contains all recent CBDT Circulars, High Court and Supreme Court decisions. Easy to understand. Analysis of Law in simplified language. Practical approach of learning. Handy modules. New Concepts. Summary of all the Topics in just 350 pages for quick revision.

  • Volume 1: Capital Gains & Prevention of Circulation of Black Money
  • Volume 2: Profit & Gains of Business or Profession
  • Volume 3: Wealth Tax & Deductions under Chapter VI-A
  • Volume 4: Taxation of Various Entities
  • Volume 5: TDS, Foreign Taxation & Assessment
  • Volume 6: Penalties, Appeals & Transfer Pricing
  • Volume 7: Direct Tax Summary

Here is the preview of the Book!


Since the amended version of the book is not available. It would be available shortly on

One can also go for “DT  CA Final” by T.N Manoharan

Here is the preview of the book!

Amended Version will be shortly available!



  • Next Book and the last is Indirect Tax. For the urose of IDT we would suggest CA Rajkumar’s Book. The book contains all the practical exam and covers whole of practice manual and RTP.The amended version of the book wil shortly be available on

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Thank you!

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